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The production cycle of such products begins at the procurement site, involving band sawing machines.

The part is brought to the required size in the machining workshop, accommodating the machine pool. It includes traditional turning and milling machines as well as machines with programmed numerical control. The parts’ processing is carried out using specialized hi-grade equipment, thus increasing the processing speed and the quality of the processed surface.

Our products are designed to operate under heavy loads, for which purpose heat treatment of parts is provided to impart increased hardness to the metal. The heat treatment site has furnaces for volumetric hardening, as well as a shaft furnace for parts’ carburizing.

A soldering area is also located at the facilities, where a special carbide material is applied to the working surfaces of the products. Soldering is performed according to the special technology with maintaining the required mode.

The final assembly of a product is done at the assembly site. Then the parts are taken to the warehouse.

The quality assurance team provides the highest-degree control at all production stages with the focus on meeting the full compliance of the manufactured parts with the design documentation. Our QA team has high-precision measuring tools by world-leading manufacturers.


Our design department is actively involved in the production by working on the new equipment development and the modernization of existing proven products.

Great attention is paid to work safety and work organization culture at all production sites of the enterprise.

The main principle of our company is the responsiveness to the needs of our customers, and of course the product quality.

The accumulated experience and fine-tuned production allow us to make a powerful, reliable piece of equipment in the shortest possible time.

RPC Technologia LLC is a dynamic company focused on success.

RPC Technologia LLC is a dynamic company focused on success.


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