История научно-производственной фирмы «Технология»
58 Lokotkovskaya St.,
Ufa, Russia
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Foundation of the company
The history of the Technologia company begins in 2011. That year, the first processing machines were purchased and the first tool for well overhaul was released.
Production development
Purchase of the first CNC machines.
Expansion of production
The company leases new production facilities. New equipment is purchased, and the staff is expanding.
Production site
Purchase of our own production site in the town of Lokotki (Ufa). The site is located close to transport hubs - 10 minutes from the airport, 20 minutes from the federal M5 highway.
Expansion of the second workshop
Second workshop expanded. The company used its own project for the construction, with its own power calculations.

The work of the company's highly qualified personnel is built upon the scientific feasibility and justification of the parts manufacturing, as well as the provision of services. The goal of the team of employees is to fulfill the wishes of the customer based on their specific needs, with a focus on the reduction of costs for construction and repair of wells and making a profit.

It should be noted that the current conditions for the development of economic relations in the Russian Federation, limited by the policies of individual countries, impose additional responsibility on the activities of Russian companies, the only companies capable of solving the tasks set for the development of the domestic oil and gas industry.

The solution of the tasks set determined the choice of the principles of our company's activity, taking as basis responsiveness, efficiency improvement, constant improvement of the manufacturing and services quality. All that is the key to the development of our company. As a result, today we have an extensive park of modern software-controlled machines, as well as other equipment that provides a full production cycle, office buildings located at our own facilities near the city, in the heart of the transport and logistics network of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The facilities’ location is another ‘trump card’ of our company, which lets us promptly interact with our customers. Our base principle of efficiency in solving the tasks set by the customer has long given its result. Thus, the production and on-site delivery of the required products in the shortest possible time (within 24 hours) significantly reduced the non-productive time costs for our customers.

Another direction of our company development is the continuous improvement of the production process, the modernization of serial products, and the new products development. Strong relationship with our regular suppliers of high-quality material allows us to reduce the final cost of our products, which in turn is an additional incentive to attract customers.


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